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#Capacity Building – Individual (Continued)

In Luke 18:41 Jesus asked a blind man who had called out to Him, What do you want me to do for you? It seemed obvious that the man was blind and needed healing. But Jesus here exposed the heart and condition of the blind man with this question.

See, this man’s blindness was also his source of income. Because of his disability he could derive an income from begging. So when Jesus asked him that question He exposed the man’s character. If he gets healed he loses his source of income. Can he start over? Does he have the character to learn a new trade at this stage of his life? Can he afford the implications of his healing?

When we talk about building capacity to receive the blessings of God in our lives, we need to first answer the question: Can we afford the changes the blessing will make to our lives?

See, for the blind man, people that used to feel sorry for him because of his blindness will have no reason to feel sorry for him anymore.

When God blesses you, are you prepared – do you have a plan – for how you will respond to the blessing of God in your life?

See capacity building, in this context, is all about setting up structures in your life to receive and sustain the blessings of God in your life. And it starts with our thoughts and imagination and continues with our readiness for the change and adjustments the blessing will bring.

When Jabez asked God to enlarge his coast (1 Chron.4:10) God gave him what he asked because he was prepared for the implications of that blessing. Larger territory meant more work, more workers, more organisation and administration, more threat from wild animals and thieves, etc.

So as part of capacity building to receive God’s blessings we need to ask: Are you ready for the implications of the blessing? Do you have the administrative and planning abilities or structures in place to handle more income? Will you have control or self-discipline with more money? See Jesus said that if we are faithful over little He would set us over much! But the criteria in that principle is that in order to get more, you need to have working structures to handle little!

Keep watching this space as we continue to build on this awesome truth!

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