Christianity & National Affairs

We live in a country where laws are passed that disable efforts to rebuild social and family values, such as laws relating to teenage abortions without parental consent, relaxation of implementation of statutory rape laws in some parts of law enforcement and judiciary.

I stronly believe that these adverse legislative and law enforcement realities reflect badly on Christendom in South Africa. According to Statistics South Africa 79.8% of the overall population of our country are Christians. This means that the majority of the people living in South Africa are Christians.

This also means that because of our vast majority we can determine who runs the country and how they run it! We can regulate what laws are passed and how they are implemented.

But Christiandom, in general – there are many individual and group exceptions – in the country do not see the need to raise their voices and efforts as Christians to affect the moral and governmental direction of our country. Many of God’s people, members of churches and people who profess to be Christians, are content to just live through agenda’s and feats of others even if they are having negative effects on the state and future of our nation.

I say it is time for Church leaders, Christian leaders, and Christians all around the country of South Africa to wake up and begin to mobilise to affect real change in our nation.

Can you imagine what South Africa can become if we unite in numbers and agenda to elect government and pass laws that are actually good for the country?

And we can do it. We must do it. We definitely can do more than just pray for the nation and the government. We can determine who governs and how they govern. We have to rise from our rest and become THE voice to be reckoned with in the affairs of our nation!

Who will hear and heed this call? The Bible teaches the power of agreement and the power of two and three. Imagine the power of 41,312,906 million people! (79.8% of our population).

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