When we talk about walking in peaceful confidence regarding God’s commitment and promises toward us and having such an unwavering assurance of God’s love and grace for us that we are not afraid to approach Him at any time for anything, we are actually ensuring a life ministry filled with the demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit!

While this peaceful confidence we teach from the Word of God seems quiet and charismatic, it is exactly the kind of faith required to enjoy the power and demonstration of the Spirit in and through our lives consistently and continuously.

This kind of faith promotes consistency, sustainability and steadfastness while all the while producing the kind of fruit God envisaged for all His children. This kind of faith may not wiggle and scream, but it will drive out devils, speak with new tongues, take up serpents and lay hands on the sick and they shall recover and nothing shall harm the owners of that faith!

God is FOR you!

One of the greatest revelations to get as a Christian is that God loves you and that He is unconditionally for you! He wants what is best for you. He wants to give you the best! In fact, the Bible states that every good and perfect gift comes from above from the Father of lights.

Take a moment and make your mind realise that God is for you. It may take a while before your system can process it and before you can understand the full impact and implications of this truth. But if you can get the understanding of what it means, it will transform your life forever!

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