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The Works of Faith

James 2:14-26 teaches that faith without works is dead!

Many misunderstand this verse to mean that faith without results is dead! But this text is not talking about results, it’s talking about works!It does not refer to having our prayers of faith answered.

It refers to what we do as a result of our faith! That’s the works of faith.

For instance, Romans 4:1-12 talks about Abrahams works of faith. What were those works? One of them was circumcision. Because He believed He obeyed God. So obedience is a work of faith.

But obedience is seen in real actions: such as tithing, offering, sowing, prayer, Bible study, fellowship, outreach, etc.

The works of my faith is what I do as a result of my faith. Because I believe that God is my provider and rewards seed sown, I faithfully sow into the kingdom of God, sowing into a platform for the Gospel to be preached. And as I walk in obedience to the Word, I begin to display works (not carnal works of the flesh that flow out of carnal desires), and works are the proof of my faith.

This is what James meant when he taught that faith without works is dead. When there is a clear testimony of obedience-works, results abound. Works prove that your faith is alive, and the results of your faith proves that God is alive and His Word is true!

If I confess by faith that God is a healer than I should pray for myself or others for healing, sow into my healing, do something in faith – that is a work of faith. And when the works are in place, results are soon to follow!

He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church!

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